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First Aid & Wound Care

Braunol - 1 bottle (100ml)

B. Braun
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Braunol is an aqueous, povidone iodine antiseptic solution used for sanitizing infected wounds or rinsing mucous membranes. Braunol can be applied as a skin and mucous membrane antiseptic or for pre- and post-operative wound care. Braunol is popular for its rapid effect (from just 15 seconds) and its wide spectrum of efficacy. Thanks to the natural brown...
First Aid & Wound Care

Linovera - 1 bottle (30ml)

B. Braun
Linovera is a solution of hyperoxygenated fatty acids used in the prevention and treatment of Stage I pressure ulcers. Due to the high percentage of linoleic acid, its repairing action is increased. The vegetable extracts aloe vera and centella asiatica have a major protecting and healing effect on the skin. Linovera advantages: Protects against external...
Meliseptol wipes sensitive by B.Braun are soft non-woven wipes ready for use, soaked in Meliseptol Foam pure and suitable for quickly disinfecting sensitive surfaces. The disinfectant wipes offer a broad spectrum of action and very good material compatibility - in particular with alcohol-sensitive materials, such as ultrasound devices or acrylic glass....
First Aid & Wound Care

Prontosan - 1 bottle (500ml)

B. Braun
Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution contains polyhexanide (PHMB) and a surfactant, betaine, for cleansing wounds. Also may be used for moistening and lubricating wound dressings. Advantages: Reduces healing time Removes and prevents the formation of biofilm Prevents infections Facilitates gentle dressing replacements Is compatible with commonly used wound...
Covid 19

Softa-Man - Bbraun - 1 bottle

B. Braun
Softa-Man by B.Braun is a virucidal alcohol based hand sanitizer that can be used for hygienic and surgical hand sanitization. The RKI listed (Robert Koch Institute), ready for use disinfectant is ideally suited for risk areas in particular for exposure to unknown viruses. Thanks to its short penetration times, Softa-Man can also be used in emergency...
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