Simvastatin 10mg - Zocor - 1 box

Simvastatin 10mg - Zocor - 1 box

In CHD, to reduce risk of death, coronary death & non-fatal MI, reduce risk for undergoing myocardial revascularisation procedures & slow progression of coronary atherosclerosis, reduce development of new lesions & new total occlusions. Adjunct to diet in patients with primary hypercholesterolaemia, heterozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia or mixed hyperlipidaemia when response to diet & other non-pharmacological measures is inadequate.


Active Ingredients

  • 10mg Simvastatin 


  • Initially 20-40 mg daily in the evening. Dose range: 5-80 mg daily in the evening
  • High risk of CHD or existing CHD Initially 40 mg daily in the evening
  • Hyperlipidemia Initially 20 mg daily in the evening
  • Patient requiring large reduction in LDL-C 40 mg single daily dose in the evening
  • Mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia Initially 10 mg daily
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