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Metformin XR 750mg Tablet - Glucophage XR - 1 box

Reduction in risk or delay of onset of type 2 DM in adults, overweight patients with impaired glucose & fasting tolerance and/or increased HbA1c who are at high risk for developing overweight type 2 DM & still progressing towards type 2 DM despite implementing intensive lifestyle change for 3-6 months. Monotherapy or in combination with other oral antidiabetic agents or with insulin for type 2 DM in adults when dietary management & exercise alone does not result in adequate glycaemic control. Reduction of diabetic complications in overweight type 2 diabetic patients treated with IR metformin as 1st-line therapy after diet failure.


Active Ingredients

  • 750mg Metformin HCl 


  • Adult with normal renal function (GFR ≥90 ml/min); initially 1 tab once daily, adjusted based on blood glucose measurements after 10-15 days. Dosage may be increased every 10-15 days, up to max: four 500mg tab daily or two 750 or two 1,000mg tab daily 
  • Patient already treated with metformin; initially same daily dose of metformin IR tab
  • Transfer from another oral antidiabetic agent discontinue the other agent & initiate as indicated
  • Combination with insulin 500 or 750mg daily, adjust insulin dose based on blood glucose measurements
  • Patient with renal impairment (GFR 45-89 ml/min) Max: 2,000mg daily, (GFR 30-44 ml/min) Max: 1,000mg daily
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